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April 1, 2020 by Jennifer Chu, MIT News Office

Energy-harvesting design aims to turn Wi-Fi signals into usable power

Device for harnessing terahertz radiation might enable self-powering implants, cellphones, other portable electronics.
March 31, 2020 by Stephen Law

ESD-safe hand tools replace tweezers

VIRTUAL INDUSTRIES Adjust-a-Vac (AV-6000-SP8-BD-110) ESD safe kit with ESD-safe Delrin small parts tips and ESD-safe vacuum tips is a product line of hand tools that replace tweezers or other gripping means for many applications Tools are portable and eliminate the…
March 28, 2020 by Stephen Law

Dev kit speeds development of mobile hardware

INTRINSYNC Snapdragon 865 Mobile Hardware Development Kit provides an open-frame solution for technology companies to integrate and innovate devices using this feature-rich Android development platform that is designed to provide a suitable starting point for creating high-performance mobile devices and applications…
March 27, 2020 by Stephen Law

EMC shield cans ease EMI/RFI challenges

TTI Harwin EMC shield cans are a simple and easy to use solution to help with on-board EMI/RFI challenges. Range of shield can clips provide fast assembly and reliable RFI protection. The clip and can combination remove the need for…
March 23, 2020 by Stephen Law

Thermal tweezer provides precision micro-component rework

PACE MT-200 MiniTweez thermal tweezer provides precision micro-component rework. Unit quickly and safely reworks tightly spaced micro-components such as 0201s, 0402s and 0603s in a simple, one-handed operation. Product features multi-axis tip alignment capability. A Tip-Gap Adjustment Wheel allows user…
March 17, 2020 by Stephen Law

Epoxy boosts chemical, heat resistance 

MASTER BOND EP35SP two-part epoxy system for bonding and sealing applications, provides resistance to many chemicals such as oils, acids, bases, water, fuels, and especially petrochemicals. Product delivers both a high glass transition temperature (Tg) and a broad service temperature…
March 15, 2020 by Stephen Law

Robotic soldering automates manufacturing process

HAKKO HU-200 Robotic Soldering System is a 4-axis system and has a large working envelope of 400mm x 300mm with the top speed of 800mm/s and boasts a repeatability of 0.01mm. An absolute encoder enables the machine to monitor the…
March 12, 2020 by Monica Westman Svenselius, communications officer, Linköping University, Sweden

Conductive ink points to the future in printed electronics

A research group at Swedish university’s Laboratory of Organic Electronics has created an organic material with superb conductivity that doesn’t need to be doped
March 12, 2020 by Stephen Law

Bluetooth 4.2 compliant evaluation kit is versatile

FUTURE ELECTRONICS Panasonic PAN1326C2 Evaluation Kit is versatile, all-inclusive and consists of one daughterboard (ETU) for TI’s development board and one TI adapter board. The Bluetooth 4.2 compliant kit provides best-in-class RF performance. Panasonic’s tiny footprint technology has produced a…
March 6, 2020 by Rob Matheson, MIT News Office

Integrating electronics onto physical prototypes

In place of flat ‘breadboards,’ 3D-printed CurveBoards enable easier testing of circuit design on electronics products.
March 4, 2020 by Stephen Law

Photonic curing tool assists printed electronics makers

NOVACENTRIX PulseForge 1300 state-of-the-art photonic curing tool heats functional inks and thin films in milliseconds without heating underlying or adjacent substrates. Units are used to dry, sinter, or anneal thin-film materials on substrate materials such as polymers and paper. Units also…
March 2, 2020 by Stephen Law

Fully automatic crimping machine decreases set-up time

SCHLEUNIGER CrimpCenter 36 SP fully automatic crimping machine provides decreased set-up time and increased effective performance. Unit increases overall productivity, while jobs can be processed in less time. New features include quality by systematic optimization, automating previously manual processes and…