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Dalhousie University researchers stumbled upon a chance discovery in extending battery life - simply by replacing tape that causes self discharge. @DalhousieU https://bit.ly/3JyUORg

Toronto-based pcb assembly company Bittele Electronics Inc. has successfully renewed the ISO 9001:2015 quality management certification for its facility in Markham, ON. @bittele7pcb https://bit.ly/3Jyo9Ln

Area X.O, the R&D complex for next-gen smart mobility, autonomy and connectivity (established by Invest Ottawa), nets $6.6 million in gov't support. @AreaX_O https://bit.ly/3YbHS7S

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Measuring & Testing Instruments
Durham Instruments
Durham Instruments can provide a comprehensive selection of measuring and testing instruments. Our product range includes devices, systems, and software fo...

Brushed 12V DC Gearmotor Capable of Producing up to 129 In-lbs of Continuous Torque
Midwest Motion Products, Inc.
Midwest Motion Products, Inc.: The Leaders in Rapid Prototyping of High-Quality Motion-Control Solutions Model number: MMP D22-490A-12V GP52-068 Descript...
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High Precision Screw Machines Products
Collison-Goll Ltd
We are a custom manufacturer of high precision screw machines products.  We make parts for industries ranging from automotive to electronics. We can w...

M I G, Automatic & Electric Welders
Lincoln Electric (Canada)
Lincoln Electric manufactures top-quality welding equipment and consumables, such as MIG, automatic and electric welders. We are proud of our hundred-plus ...
Frasers Product
P & A Plastics Inc.
Trust P & A Plastics to be your source for polyethylene products. Whether you are looking for sheets, rods, tubes, tanks, bearings, wear plates or more...

Wires: FEP
Daburn Electronics & Cable and Polytron Devices
A wide range of FEP wires are available from Daburn Electronics & Cable. Due to the dielectric properties of Fluorinated Ethylene Propylene (FEP), thes...