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Supplyframe data shows an electronics supply chain that is in transition, with uneven changes for end markets and components. Indicators shows extended lead times, geopolitical uncertainty & elevated logistics and labor costs will remain. @Supplyframe https://bit.ly/3JQsEiA

onsemi, a global player in intelligent power and sensing technologies, inaugurated its silicon carbide (SiC) facility in Hudson, New Hampshire with a ribbon cutting ceremony recently. @onsemi https://bit.ly/3vWvn4b

Hyundai Motor Group has launched the Boston Dynamics AI Institute, with the goal of making advances in artificial intelligence (AI), robotics and intelligent machines. @HMGnewsroom https://bit.ly/3PeKo8s

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Temperature Controls
Mod-Tronic Instruments Ltd.
A variety of temperature control products are available from Mod-Tronic Instruments Ltd. Our selection of temperature control products ranges from basic bi...

Norpak Handling Limited
We can provide a wide range of replacement parts such as rollers for all types of conveyors. We have experience designing and installing complete conveyor ...

Bohne Spring Industries Ltd.
An industry leader since 1943, Bohne Spring Industries designs and manufactures compression springs, precision springs, wire, strip forms, and metal stampi...

Bellows Expansion Joints
Northern Industrial Supply Co. (NISCO)
Bellows expansion joints to suit any requirement are available from Northern Industrial Supply Co. (NISCO). We can supply standard and custom bellows expan...

Electric Foot Switches
Linemaster Switch Corp.
Linemaster Switch Corp. – Electric Foot Switches With 60+ years of experience, Linemaster Switch Corp. manufactures electric, air-powered, variable s...

Measuring Instruments
Durham Instruments
Measuring instruments of all types are available from Durham Instruments. We are the perfect single source supplier for all your quantitative measuring ins...