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David Stein, VP of global supplier management @digikey believes that if we apply the hard #supplychain lessons learned to heart, it can strengthen things in the long run. Read his article here. https://bit.ly/31sgEBG

ACA TMetrix has become the exclusive Canadian distributor for inTEST Thermal Solutions temperature test and process cooling products. @aca_tmetrix @inTESTthermal https://bit.ly/3pnl6tN

The Institut Quantique (IQ) announces Lockheed Martin Canada as its newest IBM Quantum Hub member. @IQ_USherbrooke @LockheedMartin https://bit.ly/3ryFdba

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Flow Measurement & Control
Durham Instruments
A wide selection of flow measurement and control products is available from Durham Instruments. We offer flow meters that use a variety of technologies to ...

Shoe Felt
Brand Felt of Canada Ltd.
To thrive in the footwear industry, manufacturers must make shoes that outperform, outlast and outshine the competition. It is crucial not only to get qual...

Gripper Chain
Tsubaki Of Canada Ltd.
Tsubaki of Canada Ltd. can supply gripper chain for form, fill, and vacuum seal applications. Our high-performance roller chain can be supplied with either...

Wire Rope Cable
Advance Fasteners Ltd
Advance Fasteners Ltd. is a growing fastener distributor that can supply a variety of wire rope. Wire rope is used in a range of applications from lifting ...

Flexible Hose
Hi-Tech Duravent
An industry leader for over sixty years, Flexible Technologies (Hi-Tech Duravent) manufactures innovative and reliable hose and ducting products....

Surface Finishing Equipment
Vibra Finish Limited
Vibra Finish Ltd. manufactures and sells innovative surface finishing equipment that is sure to make your products more sleek and lustrous. Our products us...