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Jib Cranes
Engineered Lifting Systems & Equipment Inc.

We design our powered jibs for versatile mounting and excellent performance. Whether you need a jib mounted to a wall, ceiling, floor or column, Enginee...

Pressure Measurement & Control Testing Equipment
Durham Instruments

Durham Instruments sells pressure measurement and control testing equipment that can help you accurately determine a range of pressure-based environment...

Inflatable Seals
Pawling Engineered Products Inc.

We offer the latest cutting-edge technology in inflatable varieties of seals. Our Pneuma-Seal custom inflatable seals lead in the market and are relied ...

Vacuum Heat Treating
A & M Heat Treating Ltd.

We can perform vacuum heat treating of exceptional quality because we use top-of the line equipment. Our furnaces are capable of treating parts of vario...

Robotic Systems
Lincoln Electric (Canada)

Lincoln Electric can provide robotic systems for practically any welding or cutting application. Our automation equipment includes positioners, universa...

Cleaning Parts
Vibra Finish Limited

We offer a variety of part cleaning products that can help you wipe away dirt for good. Clean parts don’t just look good, they function better. Vi...