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U V Curing Adhesives
Master Bond
Master Bond Inc. ultraviolet (UV) curing adhesives, sealants and coatings, and potting and encapsulation compounds, are no mix systems that cure with a UV ...
Frasers Product
U.H.M.W. Rods
Johnston Industrial Plastics Limited
An industry leader for over 70 years, Johnston Industrial Plastics is the oldest Canadian distributor of plastics shapes. Today, we take great pride in dis...

Ribbon Wrap Cable
Daburn Electronics & Cable and Polytron Devices
We stock a variety of flat ribbon cable including FEP and PVC constructions. The benefits of our FEP flat ribbon cable include hi-fidelity, reduced crossta...

Horizontal Drilling Machines
Century Machine Inc
Horizontal drilling machines from Century Machine Inc. are used for all types of drilling, boring, and honing applications. Our equipment offers smooth mot...