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Supreme Court ‘green lights’ price fixing cases against optical drive makers

The Supreme Court of Canada has given the green light to a pair of British Columbia class-action suits alleging a global price-fixing conspiracy by electro...


Huawei debuts phone without Google apps as US sanctions bite

Chinese tech giant's Mate 30 phone series runs on an open source version of Google's Android operating system...


Press-fit electrolytic capacitors eliminate need for solder

KEMET ALF20 and ALF40 series press-fit, snap-in aluminum electrolytic capacitors eliminate the need for solder, as well as the associated production and qu...


Early engagement receptacles require minimal insertion length

MILL-MAX early engagement receptacles require minimal insertion length contact and are designed to work with shorter mating leads. Devices are fitted with ...


Heilind adds SSI Tech to Amphenol sensor portfolio

Franchise extension allows Heilind to expand its selection of industrial, commercial and automotive sensors...


DB Lectro inks disty deal with Raltron

DB Lectro Inc., Brossard QC, has become franchised distributor in Canada for Raltron Electronics, a division of Rami Technology Group, based in Miami, FL....

  • Connecting with history

    Intro Samtec Inc., a global leader in the electronic interconnect industry, participated in the process of restoring the Apollo Guidance Computer (AGC), to commemorate the 50th anniversar
  • The case for diamond semiconductors

    As we continue to enhance the technology within our electronics to create devices that are smaller, more powerful and more energy-responsible, we’ve begun implementing Wide Bandgap (WBG) s
  • Why should I use a design and EMS partner?

    So you’ve finally decided to explore using an electronic design and manufacturing services partner to develop and build your product. There are many reasons why this makes sense, but obvio
  • Designing devices to create cold atmospheric pressure plasma

    Non-thermal plasma or cold atmospheric pressure plasma is a plasma where only electrons are thermalized. Thermal plasma treatment is already in use in various applications in the industrial
  • Dorigo Systems evolving ahead of the curve

    With a clear vision for 2020, Dorigo Systems Ltd. will be moving into a new state-of-the-art facility in Burnaby B.C. next year. The change of address is aimed at enhancing the electronic ma

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Magnetool Inc

A proudly American company with more than 60 years of experience, Magnetool Inc. designs and manufactures a full range of magnets and magnetic...

Century Machine Inc

Century Machine Inc. provides all the equipment and supplies you could need for any honing application. Our product offering includes honing machines, t...

Acetal Sheets
Johnston Industrial Plastics Limited

A plastics manufacturer since 1942, Johnston Industrial Plastics now carries the largest inventory of engineering plastics in Canada, including acetal s...

Galvanized Nuts
Advance Fasteners Ltd

A complete selection of galvanized nuts is available from Advance Fasteners Ltd. Our product offering includes all types of nuts, in a wide range of siz...

Safety Valves
Wainbee Limited

Wainbee Limited can provide safety valves of many types. Our selection includes a range of models for hydraulic and pneumatic applications. The supplier...

Welding Rods
Lincoln Electric (Canada)

A broad selection of welding rods are available from Lincoln Electric. Our selection includes stick electrodes with rutile, cellulosic, and low hydrogen...