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Magnetic, self-organizing charging cable boosts performance, functionality

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Lūp Cable teams with Design 1st on magnet technology, flexibility and strength to address common pain points

Design 1st, an Ottawa-based electronic design house, has contributed its expertise in developing the Lūp Cable, a magnetic, self-organizing charging cable engineered to bring performance and functionality to the everyday charging cable. Lūp purports to provide a combination of magnet technology, superior flexibility, and strength that address the common pain points experienced with traditional cables.

“We recognized the inherent frustrations users face with traditional charging cables – from tangled messes to easily damaged wires. Our goal with Lūp was to address these pain points head-on and provide a solution that offers both practicality and durability,” said John Hanna of Lūp Cable. “Through close collaboration with Design 1st, we were able to seamlessly translate this vision into a reality, ensuring Lūp not only meets but exceeds user expectations.”

Source: Lūp Cable

Design 1st was tapped to design and develop a novel charging cable to redefine cable management without sacrificing power and performance. Adhering to their custom-tailored integrated process, Design 1st focused on the key attributes of the charging cable, ensuring ease of use. By leveraging engineering techniques and the knowledge of material science, Design 1st collaborated closely with Lūp to bring the Lūp cable to life, offering users a seamless charging experience unlike any other.

Showcases the meticulous attention to detail and expertise

With Design 1st providing the electrical engineering expertise for the cable design, the Lūp magnetic charging cable swiftly transitioned from concept to reality, becoming available for purchase on Amazon three months after kickoff.


“Design 1st’s partnership with Lūp demonstrates our commitment to delivering successful production-ready, marketable solutions at every stage of product development,” says Donovan Wallace, vice-president electronics engineering at Design 1st. “There’s more engineering work here than you might think. It is not simply a bunch of random wires encased in plastic. Our collaboration with Lūp showcases the meticulous attention to detail and expertise that goes into crafting an innovative charging cable that truly simplifies the user experience.”



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