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Microsoft and OpenAI plan for Stargate data centre project

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Microsoft and OpenAI are embarking on an ambitious venture, crafting blueprints for a colossal data center initiative projected to bear a staggering price tag of up to $100 billion. Nestled within this grand scheme is the conception of an artificial intelligence powerhouse christened ‘Stargate,’ slated for inauguration come 2028, as reported by online business news source The Information.

Both firms remain tight-lipped on the subject with media requests, casting a shroud of mystery over the project’s intricacies.

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The surge in the adoption of generative AI technology has ignited an unprecedented demand for AI-centric data centers, capable of surpassing the conventional in executing complex tasks. Sources familiar with the confidential deliberations anticipate Microsoft to spearhead the financing for this monumental undertaking.

The venture, purportedly dwarfing the expenses of existing data centers by a factor of 100, is earmarked to materialize on U.S. soil, marking the flagship of a series of supercomputing endeavors envisioned over the next half-dozen years.


AI chips, renowned for their lofty price points, often command substantial sums. Microsoft had previously unveiled a duo of bespoke computing chips in November the preceding year. The project’s architects envision a landscape where diverse chip suppliers are integrated seamlessly into the framework, per the report.




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