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NewsEngineering IoTAutomation / Robotics Electronics Wireless
December 1, 2020  

BlackBerry and AWS join forces

ProductEngineering IoTElectronics Wireless
December 1, 2020  

Dev kit simplifies IoT connectivity for developers

NewsEngineering IoTAutomation / Robotics Electronics
November 30, 2020  

ServiceNow to acquire AI pioneer Element AI

FeatureEngineering Medical Wearable TechnologyAutomation / Robotics Electronics
November 27, 2020  

Woke Studios brings Elon Musk’s AI to life

NewsEngineeringAutomation / Robotics Electronics Wireless
November 27, 2020  

Magna brings EyeQ5 based driver assistance system to market

NewsEngineeringAutomation / Robotics Electronics
November 25, 2020  

Montreal AI tech gets nod as ‘best invention’

FeatureEngineering IoTElectronics Engineering Software
November 23, 2020  

Protecting converged IT/OT environments from cyber threats

NewsEngineeringElectronics Engineering Software
November 18, 2020  

Coventor and CMC Microsystems expand collaboration

FeatureEngineering IoTAutomation / Robotics Electronics Wireless
November 16, 2020  

Securing the Datasphere

NewsEngineeringElectronics Production / Materials
November 12, 2020  

New partnership brings Waterloo innovations to Japanese market

NewsEngineering Medical Wearable TechnologyElectronics Production / Materials
November 12, 2020  

Researchers invent flexible, highly reliable sensor

FeatureEngineering Supply ChainElectronics
November 6, 2020  

Good news about COVID-19’s impact on electronic supply chain

NewsEngineering Supply ChainAutomation / Robotics Electronics Engineering Software
November 5, 2020  

Delta Electronics acquires Trihedral

ProductEngineeringElectronics Production / Materials
November 4, 2020  

AI, robotics dev kit comes with free online training, certification

NewsEngineeringAutomation / Robotics Electronics
November 3, 2020  

Magna’s CLEARVIEW camera monitoring system to debut in 2022

November 2, 2020  

Newfoundland born engineer talks gender equity in engineering

November 2, 2020  

Microcontroller ecosystem enables rapid prototyping, modular development

NewsEngineering Supply ChainAutomation / Robotics Electronics
November 1, 2020  

Newark inks disty deal with Industrial Shields

October 30, 2020  

Quantum-dot transistors create a flexible alternative to conventional electronics

October 27, 2020  

Tech CEOs want prosperity strategy from Trudeau

ProductEngineering IoTElectronics Wireless
October 27, 2020  

IoT dev kit based on open hardware, plug & play connections

NewsEngineeringElectronics Wireless
October 26, 2020  

5G smartphone teardowns confirm benefits of radio system integration

FeatureEngineeringAutomation / Robotics Electronics Engineering Software
October 22, 2020  

NuEnergy.ai leads on the Governance of AI

FeatureEngineering IoTAutomation / Robotics Electronics Wireless
October 22, 2020  

The rise of voice AI-enabled hardware

NewsEngineering IoT Medical Printable ElectronicsElectronics Production / Materials Wireless
October 20, 2020  

Engineers print wearable sensors directly on skin without heat

FeatureEngineering IoTElectronics
October 19, 2020  

Implementing AI into hardware designs

NewsEngineeringElectronics Engineering Software
October 18, 2020  

Evidence Partners selected for Lazaridis scale-up program

NewsEngineeringElectronics Engineering Software
October 17, 2020  

Tech Soft 3D acquires Ceetron AS

NewsEngineeringElectronics Engineering Software Production / Materials
October 17, 2020  

Toradex licenses Geppetto prototyping toolbox from Altium

NewsContract Manufacturing EngineeringAutomation / Robotics Electronics
October 15, 2020  

LeddarTech collaborates with Flex on LiDAR Solution

NewsEngineering Supply ChainElectronics
October 15, 2020  

Newark marks manufacture of 5-million micro:bit

October 14, 2020  

Tech companies seek skilled workers

FeatureEngineering MedicalAutomation / Robotics Electronics Engineering Software
October 13, 2020  

Can AI outdesign you?

NewsEngineering IoT MedicalAutomation / Robotics Electronics
October 9, 2020  

Toronto’s health tech sector gets Federal funding

October 6, 2020  

Veoneer engineer steers diversity conversation in autonomous auto sector

NewsContract Manufacturing Engineering Supply ChainElectronics
October 5, 2020  

Virtual event on supply chain hosted by EP&T