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Savoir-faire Linux launches cybersecurity services for embedded systems

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In an era where cybersecurity threats are increasingly sophisticated and widespread, Savoir-faire Linux, a leading provider of open-source technology innovation and software engineering for embedded systems in America of the North and in Europe, has launched its latest offering of professional Cybersecurity services designed for product engineering and embedded systems.

Embedded systems, essential across a wide range of sectors such as industrial, energy, transportation, medical, telecommunications and consumer electronics, face an increasingly sophisticated cybersecurity threat landscape . The complexity and interconnectedness of these systems have exposed critical vulnerabilities, which can result in operational, financial and reputational damage to organizations.

Rigorously adapt their security engineering

“Regulatory frameworks in the United States, such as the Internet of Things (IoT) Cybersecurity Improvement Act of 2020, have established strict guidelines for cybersecurity standards for IoT devices, forcing companies to rigorously adapt their security engineering. products and their embedded systems to comply,” explains Christophe Villemer, executive vice president of Savoir-faire Linux. “This evolving regulatory environment highlights the urgent need for embedded systems to be designed with robust cybersecurity measures from the start, integrating comprehensive security practices throughout the product lifecycle.”

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Drawing on its expertise in open-source software and embedded systems, Savoir-faire Linux offers SBOM and CVE management, contribution to open-source projects, hardening of embedded systems software, and cybersecurity by design and testing. These services aim to provide transparency, reduce vulnerabilities, and ensure that embedded systems are secure, performant, and resilient.


With a focus on sustainability and innovation, Savoir-faire Linux enables organizations in different sectors, including industrial systems, multimedia, telecommunications, energy, transportation and consumer products, to develop products secure from their design. The company’s approach combines skills in electronics, industrial software development and automation, ensuring systems are future-proof and compliant with cybersecurity certification requirements such as IEC62443 and ‘UL2900.

“At the heart of our cybersecurity services is a deep understanding of the unique challenges and requirements of embedded systems,” says Jérôme Oufella, vice president of technology at Savoir-faire Linux. “Our team’s technical expertise and commitment to open-source solutions allow us to provide customized cybersecurity measures that not only protect against today’s threats, but are also adaptable to future challenges.”



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