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Automation / Robotics Electronics

March 12, 2024
Ontario Centre of Innovation revives flagship tech conference

Electronics Semiconductors Wireless

March 7, 2024
Wireless microcontrollers deliver on cyber-protection regulations


March 1, 2024
Clarinox embeds wireless connectivity to Actronika’s Skinetic haptic vest


February 19, 2024
Mouser unveils wearables resource centre


January 9, 2024
Evie health ‘smart’ ring focuses on women’s health

Electronics Semiconductors

January 9, 2024
Tiny MEMS accelerometers serve wearables, hearables

Automation / Robotics Electronics Optoelectronics Wireless

January 8, 2024
CES 2024 rolls out this week


January 2, 2024
Human factors in design: A quick primer


December 31, 2023
Global shipments of wearable devices grows slightly

Automation / Robotics Electronics

December 18, 2023
Smart exoskeletons ensure workplace safety

Automation / Robotics Electronics

December 13, 2023
Humane AI seeks to redefine wearable AI


December 6, 2023
MindLink Air unveils all-day eye tracking glasses

Electronics Wireless

November 27, 2023
E-textiles journey from heated clothing to monitoring astronauts

Automation / Robotics Electronics Semiconductors Wireless

November 16, 2023
Hygienic Echo captures ventureLAB HardTech pitch competition


November 3, 2023
Presto and T&W Engineering partner to advance wearable brain sensing


October 5, 2023
Noise and Ambiq Collaborate on smart wearable


September 7, 2023
Magnetic sensor switch replaces traditional bulky mechanical switches


September 2, 2023
Consortium collaborates to advance hearing aid technology

Electronics Engineering Software

August 28, 2023
BC tech group unveils award finalists

Electronics Optoelectronics

August 6, 2023
Near-eye display shipments in wearables will grow by 56%


July 18, 2023
Wearable sensor measures sweat lactate levels during exercise

Electronics Embedded Systems

July 17, 2023
Capacitive sensor delivers human touch


July 13, 2023
Merry Electronics to open HQ in Richmond Hill

Electronics Production / Materials

July 6, 2023
Myant Capital Partners acquires Xerox Research Centre of Canada


July 4, 2023
AntennaWare and Silicon Labs join forces


June 26, 2023
Worldwide wearables market is forecast to rebound

Electronics Engineering Software Regulations & Standards Wireless

June 25, 2023
NFC Forum unveils tech roadmap thru 2028

Automation / Robotics Electronics Embedded Systems Engineering Software Optoelectronics Wireless

June 21, 2023
Collision to remain in Toronto for 2024


June 12, 2023
5 Valuable uses for stretchable electronic circuits

Automation / Robotics Electronics Optoelectronics

June 5, 2023
Apple unveils sleek ‘Vision Pro’ goggles

Electronics Power Supply / Management

May 9, 2023
Nano power dc-dc reduces power consumption in standby mode


April 25, 2023
Programmable smart fabric responds to temperature, electricity