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June 22, 2018 by EP&T Magazine

Applied Brain Research recognized as technology pioneer

World Economic Forum selects Waterloo-based AI software firm among the world’s most promising and diverse class of such pioneers
June 15, 2018 by Ed Clark, business development manager, EMA Design Automation Inc.

Constraint Management—Rules-based design and verification to reduce design cycle time

In a time where deadlines are shortening and designs are becoming more complex, there is no room for error. Specifying rules and requirements upfront in the design process is one way to try and mitigate any future issues—even the simplest…
June 8, 2018 by EP&T Magazine

BlackBerry strengthens automotive software portfolio

BlackBerry LTD., has announced three new safety-certified automotive software products that will alleviate the challenges of building sophisticated automotive systems to be compliant with ISO 26262, the automotive industry’s functional safety standard.  BlackBerry’s QNX Hypervisor for Safety, QNX Platform for…
May 9, 2018 by Stephen Law

Free software speeds test, debug in pcb design environment

XJTAG Free software for the Mentor Xpedition Designer product increases the design for test and debug capabilities of the schematic capture and printed circuit boards (pcb) design environment. Product is comprised of two key elements: XJTAG Chain Checker and XJTAG…
April 29, 2018 by Stephen Law

Electronic software delivery ecosystem supports factory transition to industry 4.0

NOS MICROSYSTEMS getPlus electronic software delivery (ESD) solution is lightweight at 200kB (<1MB) on the client side, and does not require installation. The software manager and intelligent ecosystem fully and easily integrates into clients’ existing databases—SAP, Oracle, any all others—to…
April 11, 2018 by EP&T Magazine

EPTECH trade shows coming to Montreal, Ottawa this month

EPTECH's table-top style of exhibit is the only series of coast-to-coast national electronics shows in Canada
April 6, 2018 by The Canadian Press, Toronto

BlackBerry to sue Snap for patent infringement

BlackBerry Ltd. has added Snap Inc. to the list of companies it’s taking to court in California for alleged patent infringement.  The Waterloo-based company says in a lawsuit that Snap has infringed on intellectual property, including innovations on real-time activity location…
April 3, 2018 by Stephen Law

CIeNET opens tech dev centre in Markham

CIeNET, a leading global technology service provider of technical consulting and software engineering solutions, officially opened its Canadian Technology and Development Center in Markham ON. CIeNET has been focusing on automotive and mobility related technologies’ research and development since its…
April 2, 2018 by EP&T Magazine

EPTECH is the only series of coast-to-coast national electronics shows in Canada

The series is operated by EP&T, Canada’s information leader for electronics engineers and designers.
April 2, 2018 by EMA Design Automation Inc.

Five Reasons Why Castles Don’t Have RF Issues: RF Interference Management the King Arthur Way

With everything from your cell phone to your teddy bear sending and receiving wireless signals, RF interference is a growing concern. Even if you aren’t transmitting, you may have RF sensitive circuits you need to protect. This is true for all products, no matter how small or minor they might be. Here are five design tips to help you manage RF interference within your designs.
March 29, 2018 by Stephen Law

Pcb design software emphasizes ease-of-use, team productivity

MENTOR Xpedition VX.2.3 integrated printed circuit board design software addresses the increasing complexity of today’s advanced system designs through an emphasis on both ease-of-use and team productivity. Product provides innovative technologies that recognize the importance of design reuse, automate the…
March 29, 2018 by Stephen Law

Signal analyzer software addresses 5G NR test requirements

ANRITSU MS2850A 5G measurement software for firm’s Signal Analyzer MS2850A is compliant with the 3GPP 5G New Radio (5G NR) standard. With the software installed, MS2850A provides an accurate solution to verify the RF Tx characteristics of next-generation 5G base…