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Magnetic sensor switch replaces traditional bulky mechanical switches

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NXP NMH1000 Magnetic Sensor Switch meets today’s market needs by replacing traditional bulky mechanical switches that are unsuitable for difficult environmental conditions. Device delivers distinctive features, flexible application and ability to easily onboard. Device is most sensitive to the magnetic fields that vertically pass through the top-to-bottom surfaces. Input consists of a magnetic field ranging in strength from earth-bound background, up to maximum BGMAX. Its input processing consists of functional blocks such as a configurable state machine, analog-to-voltage conversion of the input and comparison to generate the output, arranged in linear succession. Sensor detects the absence of a magnetic field and outputs either a high or low state upon comparison with preset thresholds. It operates down to 1.2V supply voltage, which ensures longer shelf life with ultra-low power consumption (75nA typ. @ 1Hz sample rate). Device comprises a small DFN package, making it easy to integrate in very small areas.

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