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Balluff announces Global BMF; an expansion of their Global line of products to include a broad line of magnetic field cylinder sensors.

The Global Line from Balluff is an offering of economically priced general-purpose sensors and accessories for industrial automation.

Balluff’s BMF magnetic field cylinder sensors are based on non-contact, solid-state sensor technology that is compatible with both reed and Hall Effect magnetic pole orientations, making them the ideal replacement for standard magnetic switches. Electrically rugged, they feature short circuit protection, overload protection, and reverse polarity protection…all backed by Balluff’s exclusive Lifetime Warranty. Improved sensor performance and better reliability results in less downtime and increased productivity. With Balluff’s magnetic field sensors, you install and forget them.

Balluff’s compact BMF sensors are designed to fit either C-slot or T-slot extrusions and require no additional brackets for mounting. These sensors fit flush into the slot, offering better sensor protection…nothing sticking out and nothing in the way. Flush mounting sensors make installation in space critical applications easier and less time consuming. In addition, cable clips are included for cleaner cable routing and better strain relief.

The Global BMF line includes the following models:

  • BMF 204 and BMF 214 C-slot
  • These magnetic field sensors are C-slot styles that are bracketless and provide rock-solid holding
  • BMF 235 T-slot
  • These magnetic field sensors are C-slot styles that are bracketless and provide rock-solid holding
  • Balluff’s V-Twin magnetic field sensors provide two sensors for C-slot and T-slot with a single connector in either an M8 or M12 configuration

Global BMF adds another piece to Balluff’s economical Global Line offering of control and sensor products such as: GlobalProx (inductive sensors), Global.CProx (capacitive sensors), GlobalEye (photoelectric sensors), GlobalCables (common M8 & M12 sensor cables), and DC power supplies.



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