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April 30, 2024

Energy Management Info & Resources for the Power Electronics Industry

Webinar Series – Appliance Energy Efficiency Regulations

April 30, 10 AM Central Time

Abstract: Whether electrical systems have to meet various energy efficiency regulations or want to use energy efficiency as a key differentiator from competitive systems, many people have a role to play. System architects, designers, engineers, project managers, software specialists, marketers, and suppliers to name a few. Improving energy efficiency benefits users, customers, corporate financials, and our planet.

The PSMA Energy Management Committee noticed that there were a lot of strategies and approaches for energy efficiency in buildings, residences, businesses, etc. However, there was very little advice for those who wanted to create more energy efficient electrical systems.

Consequently, the PSMA Energy Management Committee put together this webinar to provide strategy, practical approaches, & tips to improve energy efficiency in electrical systems. The hope is to provoke thoughts, dialogue, and actions towards better energy efficiency.

Presenter: Ada Cheng, AdaClock

Ada is a Market Analyst & Consultant at AdaClock since 2008. She worked in several analyst & engineering roles at various companies prior to founding AdaClock She has been involved with the PSMA since 2002 including as a PSMA Director since 2019. She is an active member of the Marketing, Energy Management, Energy Storage, Reliability, and Industry-Education Committees.

Ada was an invited member of the APEC conference committee 2003-2015

She graduated with a BSEE at Carnegie Mellon & MBA at Arizona State University.

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