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Opening Up New Market Opportunities with an Accessory Power System
Contributed by Interpower

One of the keys to success for a company is to have choices available to make a product more marketable. An accessory power system allows options that help to simplify power supply connections. It can also open up opportunities for new markets.

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An accessory power system, which uses IEC 60320 components, can help a company offer products that are more easily adapted to the needs of global markets without requiring reconfiguration by the user. It gives a company the ability to offer a product that can be used in many different countries because it eliminates the need to have all of the different kinds of plugs available or inventoried somewhere in a warehouse. This can result in a cost-saving benefit for the company.

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  • Why Use Accessory Power
  • Major Components of an Accessory Power Distribution System
  • IEC 60320 Components Used in Accessory Power
  • Accessory Power System at Interpower
  • Jumper Cord Sets


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