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North American & International Cord Sets
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Interpower® Cords Made in the U.S.A!

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Interpower manufactures reliable North American and International electrical cords & cord sets for global markets. These cords and cord sets are manufactured in Oskaloosa and Lamoni, Iowa—U.S.A.-made!

With 1-Week U.S. Lead-Times and Same Day Shipping on Interpower in-stock products, why order overseas only to find your cords in a stack of shipping containers—the proverbial needle in a haystack?

Our North American and International country-specific cords are available in various lengths and colors. With minimum order requirements, Interpower can help you design for global markets providing the end user with the correct connections to the local mains power supply. Interpower cords and cord sets meet the standards and compliance of nearly every country in the world.

Interpower Testing

All Interpower cords are tested in both design and production phases. Whether it’s customized cord sets or electrical components for global industries, Interpower’s cords and cord sets are rigorously tested—again and again. And not just to meet UL and IEC standards.

“We test more than is required for our own benefit,” Interpower Product Development Manager Ron Barnett said. Barnett has been with Interpower since 2005. “The standards, such as the one for the UL 2556 Vertical Flame Test, are bare minimums. We go beyond the standards because it lends better reliability to our design—products become more reliable in that regard.”

The Interpower Testing Laboratory is located in Ames, Iowa, and is ground zero for the majority of critical tests that determine whether Interpower products such as cords, plugs, sockets and power strips (along with a variety of specialized electronic components) meet or exceed North American and International standards.

“Some products we test more often than others due to the volume we manufacture, such as our line of C13 cords and cord sets,” Barnett said.

Whether ordering 1 cord or 5,000, Interpower provides customized solutions. Interpower cords bypass most customs and quarantines as we continually assesses ways to keep client production schedules streamlined. You won’t find your cords buried on some seaport’s dock.

Customer Service

At Interpower you won’t speak with a bot when you need cord answers fast—no recorded list of options. Between the hours of 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. CST, you can speak with a “live” human who will place your order and answer all your cord and component questions. If the questions require the mind of a genius electrical engineer, you will kindly be placed on “hold” until that engineer is consulted and your question is answered to your satisfaction.

“Our Customer Service Representatives have vast amounts of information at their disposal to quickly find customers what they need,” said Raina Baker, Interpower’s Customer Service Supervisor. “If customers don’t know what options are available, we help them figure that out, even if it means quickly contacting our engineers, or referring them to another company if it’s a better fit.”

Let Interpower connect you to global power:

  • 1-Week Manufacturing Lead-Times
  • Same Day Shipping on In-stock Products
  • No Minimum Order Requirements
  • Blanket and Scheduled Orders Available
  • Friendly & knowledgeable Customer Service

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