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Medical-grade adhesives serve biosensors

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DELO INDUSTRIAL ADHESIVES MONOPOX MG3727 medical-grade adhesive is based on a long-proven consumer electronics adhesive featuring low temperature curing and drop resistance, while expanding upon its capabilities with non-cytotoxicity, thus meeting the standards (DIN EN ISO 10993-5) necessary to classify it as a medical-grade adhesive. Product is suitable for use in the assembly of biosensors, including ECG/EKG electrodes. As stainless steel is often central to the construction of such equipment, product performs well with this substrate material, testing at a compression shear strength of 11MPa. This one-component, solvent-free and humidity-resistant adhesive features a low Young’s modulus of 160 MPa, making it resistant to cracking under sudden impact, such as if a sensor falls to the ground. A low glass transition temperature of -52 °C helps the adhesive retain its properties across the range of temperature at which a sensor may be utilized.

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