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Touchscreen thermal profilers get smarter

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ECD M.O.L.E. EV12 touchscreen thermal profiler satisfies the range of thermal measurements required for any pcb assembly – from simple SMT to complex, high-density designs. Filling the gap between six- and 20-channel capability, the 12-channel unit bridges this data point collection divide for certain applications – like nine-measurement oven surveys. Different from ultra-high channel count data loggers, the thin design of the product has maintained a thermal barrier thickness and width that complies with all reflow oven clearances. This feature saves valuable setup and production time, allowing complex profiles to be completed in a single run. All M.O.L.E. EVs have Bluetooth wireless connectivity capability, USB C charging, an off-the-shelf battery, simple two-button on/off and record control, and built-in maintenance reminders.

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