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Thermal Hero creates North American beach head

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German-based provider of thermal management products

Thermal Hero, a German-based developer of thermal paste and cooling solutions, announced its official appearance on the North American market. Already well known in other parts of the world, Thermal Hero brings its diverse range of products consisting of thermal pastes, pads, liquid metals and adhesives.

Thermal Hero enters the North American market with a flying start as the firm’s key product are already present in the US and Canada, including thermal pads and four types of thermal paste.

Due to their efficient Design, Thermal Hero thermal Paste can be used in a variety of electronic devices where a heat-generating surface is combined with a heatsink for heat dissipation.

Thermal Hero NEO product is a premium thermal compound with enhanced thermal properties. It delivers improved flow properties, low thermal resistance and high thermal conductivity. This enables a minimum layer thickness and cooling performance with low contact pressure. The non-sticky paste is easy to apply, and it is an effective solution for cooling a variety of PC hardware parts. NEO significantly lowers the processor temperature for stable and long-lasting hardware use.

“Thermal Hero was well accepted in Europe, Asia and South America,” said Kaan Avci, CEO of IPROJEX. “Our next logical step was to enter North America and supply our high-end thermal paste solutions to our partners in the USA, Canada and Mexico. With our Thermal Hero products, we aim to provide a solution that benefits all stakeholders. This entails offering fair and transparent terms for importers, distributors, and resellers while delivering excellent value for end customers.”


Thermal Hero is a brand owned by IPROJEX, a German manufacturer of consumer and industrial heat dissipation solutions.





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