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Intel launches standalone FPGA company – Altera

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New entity prioritizes customers with end-to-end FPGAs, accessible AI, software and supply resilience

Intel has officially launched Altera, its new standalone FPGA company. Intel CEO Sandra Rivera and COO Shannon Poulin recently unveiled the firm’s strategy to secure leadership across a $55 billion-plus market opportunity; to expand the company’s portfolio, including the only FPGA with AI built into the fabric; and to help solve mounting customer challenges. The company’s new brand was also announced.

“As customers deal with increasingly complex technological challenges and work to differentiate themselves from their competitors and accelerate time to value, we have an opportunity to reinvigorate the FPGA market,” said Sandra Rivera, chief executive officer of Altera. “We’re leading with a bold, agile and customer-obsessed approach to deliver programmable solutions and accessible AI across a broad range of applications in the comms, cloud, data center, embedded, industrial, automotive and mil-aero market segments.”

Intel Agilex 9 SoC FPGA Direct RF-Series. Source: Intel

Altera’s expanded portfolio and roadmap aims to address the growth in the target FPGA markets across cloud, network and edge, while simultaneously enhancing the best-in-class Quartus Prime software and easy-to-incorporate AI capabilities to capitalize this fast-growing application segment. The rise of artificial intelligence (AI) is creating new complexities and opportunities across all industries.

Altera seeks to address those opportunities with FPGA AI Suite and OpenVINO, which generate optimized intellectual property (IP) based on standard frameworks like TensorFlow and Pytorch. Altera’s FPGAs (field-programmable gate arrays) provide flexible solutions to address changing market demands, such as seamlessly integrating critical AI inferencing capabilities, and to better intercept evolving standards, like PCI Express, CXL, Ethernet and 6G wireless.


Altera’s solutions target a broad range of markets and use cases, ranging from networking and communications infrastructure to low-power embedded applications.



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