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ProductElectronics Embedded Systems
July 31, 2021  

3U VPX dev platforms accelerate design, testing of open architecture-based embedded systems

NewsElectronics Embedded Systems Power Supply / Management Thermal management
July 28, 2021  

GaN Systems & FTEX boost E-mobility range, power by 30%

NewsEngineering MedicalElectronics Embedded Systems Power Supply / Management
July 21, 2021  

Battery-less solutions on the rise

ProductIoTAutomation / Robotics Electronics Embedded Systems
July 16, 2021  

Controller on cutting edge of network computing

ProductAutomation / Robotics Electronics Embedded Systems Semiconductors
July 14, 2021  

Automotive HD link complements auto safety systems

FeatureEngineeringAutomation / Robotics Electronics Embedded Systems Engineering Software
July 12, 2021  

Autonomous mobility-as-a-service (MaaS) is 2-3 years away

NewsElectronics Embedded Systems
June 30, 2021  

Fugaku retains title as world’s fastest supercomputer

NewsSupply ChainElectronics Embedded Systems Semiconductors
June 18, 2021  

Avnet collaborates with Infineon on silicon carbide technologies

FeatureMedical Wearable TechnologyElectronics Embedded Systems Engineering Software
June 15, 2021  

Wearable tech to get your head around

FeatureEngineeringAutomation / Robotics Electronics Embedded Systems Engineering Software
June 14, 2021  

VR tech to revolutionize commercial driver training

NewsElectronics Embedded Systems Production / Materials Regulations & Standards
June 8, 2021  


NewsEngineering IoT Medical Supply Chain Wearable TechnologyAutomation / Robotics Circuit Protection Electronics Embedded Systems Engineering Software Interconnect Optoelectronics Power Supply / Management Production / Materials Semiconductors Test & Measurement Thermal management Wireless
May 18, 2021  

EPTECH on Demand: Round 2 this week

FeatureWearable TechnologyElectronics Embedded Systems
May 10, 2021  

Smart fabric allows users to track data directly through clothing

ProductElectronics Embedded Systems Semiconductors
May 5, 2021  

Adaptive SOM accelerates AI applications at the edge

FeatureEngineering IoT Medical Wearable TechnologyElectronics Embedded Systems Production / Materials Wireless
May 5, 2021  

Could intelligent underwear improve your life?

ProductElectronics Embedded Systems
May 2, 2021  

3.5″ Embedded single board computer withstands extreme cold

ProductElectronics Embedded Systems
April 30, 2021  

Fan-cooled frame grabbers protect industrial mini-computers

ProductIoT Wearable TechnologyAutomation / Robotics Electronics Embedded Systems Optoelectronics
April 29, 2021  

Ecosystem serves embedded vision applications

NewsIoT Supply ChainElectronics Embedded Systems Semiconductors
February 16, 2020  

Sequans and Avnet execute global disty deal

ProductEngineeringElectronics Embedded Systems
January 26, 2020  

ToF demo board drives lasers with currents up to 28A

ProductElectronics Embedded Systems
January 23, 2020  

FPGA mezzanine module has dual mount options

ProductElectronics Embedded Systems
January 10, 2020  

Dev board delivers voice codec capability to Raspberry Pi

ProductElectronics Embedded Systems
January 4, 2020  

Dual FMC+ carrier with Xilinx Zynq UltraScale+ FPGA

NewsSupply ChainAutomation / Robotics Electronics Embedded Systems Engineering Software
January 2, 2020  

Web infrastructure industry predictions for 2020

NewsAutomation / Robotics Electronics Embedded Systems Engineering Software
December 28, 2019  

Draganfly Innovations registered with Controlled Goods program

NewsEngineering IoTAutomation / Robotics Electronics Embedded Systems Engineering Software
December 26, 2019  

The dark side of Alexa, Siri digital assistants

ProductEngineering IoTElectronics Embedded Systems
December 25, 2019  

Nano dev board comes with IoT security

NewsEngineeringElectronics Embedded Systems Engineering Software Regulations & Standards
December 16, 2019  

U of Waterloo puts focus on industry-driven quantum technologies

NewsEngineeringAutomation / Robotics Electronics Embedded Systems
December 13, 2019  

Applied Brain Research extends battery life with ultra-low-power AI algorithm

ProductElectronics Embedded Systems
December 13, 2019  

Ultra-compact M.2 capture cards are power-efficient

NewsEngineering Wearable TechnologyElectronics Embedded Systems
December 12, 2019  

Myant enters joint venture with Osmotex

NewsElectronics Embedded Systems Engineering Software
November 22, 2019  

Canada’s first Amazon Alexa voice technology accelerator program