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trinamiX Face Authentication certified as highly secure behind OLED

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Passes Android biometric security test and FIDO biometric component certification

trinamiX Face Authentication is claiming to become the world’s first to fulfill highest biometric security demands, while the hardware is invisibly mounted behind an OLED display. The solution was recently put to a thorough test of accredited assessment institutes. It was certified to be spoof-proof behind OLED according to the top standards defined by Android and FIDO Alliance. trinamiX GmbH, a German subsidiary of BASF SE, takes another step towards creating the next generation of biometric authentication for smartphones.

Face Authentication fulfills highest biometric standards behind OLED. Source: trinamiX GmbH | Hans-Jürgen Dölger (BASF SE).

Thanks to biometrics, user authentication today is as easy as looking at your smartphone’s screen to unlock it. The unmatched convenience of biometric solutions, especially compared to passwords or PINs, has made them increasingly popular. Still, these systems can be fooled by simply using a three-dimensional replica of someone’s face or finger. Biometric authentication is often not yet sufficient to meet the industry’s high security demands. trinamiX has launched a unique face authentication solution that is now certified to meet them – and to even go beyond.

A unique liveness check based on skin detection

trinamiX adds a unique dimension to face authentication: skin detection. This technology reliably detects skin versus other materials while verifying a user’s identity in order to tell whether the object in front of the camera is an actual human-being. In that regard, it functions as a new way to check for liveness without any active user contribution. Acknowledging the value of their breakthrough, trinamiX has already patented the underlying technology Beam Profile Analysis.

“We aim to create a future, in which sensitive user information is protected by reliable and convenient authentication steps,” says Stefan Metz, director 3D imaging business at trinamiX. “This is where we see huge potential in facial biometrics – if smartphone manufacturers are able to close the security gaps that common technologies still have. At trinamiX we have found a way to provide that next-generation technology.”


To give proof of its higher security, trinamiX has put their technology to the test of accredited assessment institutes. Based on these assessments, trinamiX Face Authentication is officially approved for integration into Android phones as well as for use in sensitive applications like mobile payment. As the world’s first face authentication solution, it passed all biometric security tests while the hardware was mounted behind an OLED display.

Combining security and user experience

“Our goal is to give smartphone brands a greater freedom of design and to allow for sleek, maximum display designs,” says Metz. “We made our authentication solution work behind OLED and thereby finally erase the need for a notch.”


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