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Voice recognition market raises its tone

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Technology to hit $28 billion globally by 2026

The global voice recognition market CAGR is expected to increase by 16.8% between 2021 and 2026, according to data recently compiled by stockapps.com. The market size in 2021 was $10.7-billion, and forecasts show it could grow to $27.16-billion.

“Speech and voice recognition technology is increasingly becoming popular and we can only expect this trend to keep growing. In the coming years, we expect an increase in the use of smart appliances, going beyond the phones and other devices that we are used to today,” says Edith Reads at stockapps.com. “This, together with the increased use of artificial intelligence will be the primary factors for the market’s growth.”

Penetrate different sectors

Reads says manufacturers in the industry are coming up with different ways to stay competitive and ahead of the game. One such example is the integration of voice technology in personal assistant devices. Companies such as Nuance Technologies are even looking to implement the assistance system across different devices. This trend may well be adopted by more companies, providing more opportunities for the market’s growth.

In the years leading to 2026, one significant factor growth is that we expect more smart devices to integrate voice recognition. The technology can be installed in just about any smart machine, including mixers, coffee makers, refrigerators, and even home systems.


Major players

The key players in the industry are all giant companies that have some competitive advantage. Despite the increasing popularity, there’s still a massive barrier to entry due to the expenses involved in developing the technology.


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