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In-mold electronics: the transition from art to platform technology

Examining how a transition can take place to evolve the technology from a black art method towards an accessible manufacturing platform. We thought you may...


Medical-grade foot switches are wireless

STEUTE MEDITECH line of wireless, medical-grade, next generation foot switches are wireless, robust and secure, operating on 2.4GHz (using spread-spectrum ...


Fluxing agents are alcohol and water-based

EMIL OTTO EO-Y-005 and -006 alcohol and water-based hybrid fluxes come with an alcohol content. Due to the water-based formula, the soldering results are i...


Samsung delays folding phone launch after breaking issues

Several journalists reported the inside screens flickering, freezing and finally dying on their test units within the first couple days...


Polymer aluminum caps rated up to 125C

TTI Nichicon FPCAP Series Functional Conductive Polymer Aluminum Solid Electrolytic Capacitor provides capacitance ranges from 8.2µF up to 2700µF with vo...


Serial output 16bit colour sensor is low profile

ROHM SEMICONDUCTOR BH1749NUC colour sensor delivers LCD backlight screen adjustment in control panels, tablets, cameras or mobile applications. The low-pro...

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EP&T EPTECH Electronics Shows are coming to cities across Canada throughout 2019.

Employing a highly time-efficient table-top display format, EPTECH shows target electronics designers, engineers, technicians, technologists, purchasers, technical managers and researchers.

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Railroad Track Components
Cornell Welding & Fabricating Ltd.

Cornell Welding & Fabricating Ltd. can provide a wide variety of railroad track components. We have extensive experience supplying all types of subc...

Chip Handling Conveyors
Norpak Handling Limited

Norpak Handling Limited. offers a variety of chip handling conveyors. These conveyors are often used to remove chips from metal cutting machine tools in...

Cryogenic Treating
A & M Heat Treating Ltd.

A&M Heat Treating Ltd is a leading provider of metal heat processing services for all types of metals and alloys to serve a wide variety of applicat...

Position, Rotary Transducers
Durham Instruments

Durham Instruments can supply a variety of rotary position transducers. Our selection includes several types of transducer technologies including Hall e...

Belt Conveyors
Norpak Handling Limited

We can supply a variety of belt conveyors including roller bed, slider bed, and plastic belt varieties. These conveyors are available with a wide range ...

Foam Polyurethane
Custom Foam Systems Ltd.

At Custom Foam Systems Ltd., we are at the leading edge of polyurethane processes, products and application technology. We offer a full range of polyure...