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Fully integrated inductive switch is contactless, magnet-free

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MELEXIS Induxis MLX92442 switch is contactless, magnet-free and strayfield immune. The monolithic solution directly detects conductive targets. It enables small module designs with reduced component count for improved safety and electrification: high voltage interlocks, charging flaps, seatbelts, hood/trunk, gear tooth sensing, or brake-by-wire applications. Product’s standard design uses a mechanical contact or magnetic switch, like a push button, reed switch, or hall effect sensor. Technology actively senses the actual safety target, such as a seat belt buckle or door latch, directly without a magnet or button actuator, provided it is conductive. Device has no moving mechanisms or additional parts, while reliability, and safety are enhanced with the direct sensing operation not tied to parts affixed to the safety element that could become damaged or displaced.

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