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Pneumatic Components & Systems
Festo Inc
At Festo Inc., we engineer and manufacture pneumatic and electromechanical components and systems. A proudly independent company with a global reach, we ai...

High Pressure Compressors
Compair Canada Inc. div. of Gardner Denver
Compair Canada Inc. div. of Gardner Denver offers a wide selection of high pressure compressors with maximum ratings up to 6000 psig. The various types we ...

Machine Parts
L & M Precision Products Inc
At L & M Precision Products Inc., our main goal is customer satisfaction. We produce machine parts of top quality for use in a variety of markets acros...

Mass Flow Meters and Controllers
Hoskin Scientific
Hoskin Scientific Ltd. carries many innovative solutions by Bronkhorst High-Tech B.V., including the new FLEXI-FLOW compact mass flow meters and controller...

Cast-In Heaters
Process Heaters Inc
Process Heaters Inc. provides a wide range of cast-in heaters, and can even supply custom heaters of practically any size or shape. Process heating equipme...

Temperature Recorders
Chevrier Instruments Inc.
Chevrier Instruments Inc. can supply a variety of temperature recorders. Our products range from chart recorders to temperature data loggers. These product...