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Elevator Chain
Tsubaki Of Canada Ltd.
Bucket elevators play a critical role in many operations as they are used to lift aggregate material to the start of gravity fed processes. Tsubaki of Cana...

Festo Inc
Valves are the functional determinant in pneumatic process control. Festo supplies valves with up to 100 million switching cycles worldwide, including dire...

Chevrier Instruments Inc.
Our selection of controllers allows you to attain the perfect settings in your electronics. Whether you need to maintain the perfect temperature or want to...

Welding Hoses
Lincoln Electric (Canada)
A variety of welding hoses are available from Lincoln Electric. We are the ideal source for all types of welding equipment as we offer a comprehensive sele...

					Magnetic-Catches 300 x150 Thumbnail
Magnetic Catches
Sugatsune Canada Inc
Sugatsune Canada, Inc. offers a wide variety of magnetic catches for residential, commercial, and especially industrial applications. MC-YN0001P: Magnetic ...

					Filing cabinet locks
Filing Cabinet Locks
Capitol Industries Inc.
At Capitol Industries Inc., we manufacture and supply locking products and systems for a variety of industrial functions. The lineup includes filing cabine...