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Brand Felt of Canada Ltd.
An industry leader since 1959, The Brand Felt of Canada Ltd. engineers and manufactures felt and felt-based products for the architecture and int...

DC-DC Converters
Daburn Electronics & Cable and Polytron Devices
At Daburn Electronics & Cable, we offer an impressive variety of DC-DC converters through our Polytron devices division. Our comprehensive inventory sp...

O Type Rings
Daemar Inc.
For over 30 years, Daemar Inc. has supplied its customers with high-quality and competitively-priced O-rings and other fluid-sealing products. Th...

					medical 1
Medical Equipment
Daburn Electronics & Cable and Polytron Devices
Polytron Devices, the power-supply division of Daburn Electronics & Cable, is a top source for power converters designed specifically for use in the me...

Welding Products
Lincoln Electric (Canada)
A broad variety of welding products are available from Lincoln Electric. The comprehensive selection we offer ranges from advanced equipment such as mulit-...

					Ramp and Soak Controllers
Ramp and Soak Controllers
Chevrier Instruments Inc.
We carry several designs of ramp and soak controllers at Chevrier Instruments. These come from manufacturers like Syscon and Rex. Ramp and soak controllers...