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Store Fixtures & Showcases
P & A Plastics Inc.
A variety of store fixtures & showcases are available from P & A Plastics Inc. We can provide both standard items as well as custom designed soluti...

Daemar Inc.
At Daemar Inc., when our clients need to solve alignment and leveling problems, they know to turn to our wide range of plastic and metal shims. Economical,...

Equipment Filtration Systems
N.R. Murphy Limited
Filtration equipment to suit any requirement is available from N.R. Murphy Limited.  We have experience in the industry since 1943, and we manufacture fil...

Automatic, M.I.G. Welders
Lincoln Electric (Canada)
Lincoln Electric can provide a wide range of automatic MIG welders. Our selection includes guns, consumables, positioners, feeders, power sources, pre-conf...

Cable & Harness Cable Assemblies
Lapp Canada Inc
Cable and harness assemblies are available from Lapp Canada Inc. Our company is a global leader in the cable field, and we offer a wide selection of cables...

Thermometer Gauges
Chevrier Instruments Inc.
No matter what kind of thermometer you’re after, Chevrier Instruments Inc. has you covered. Our product line spans many different types and models. E...