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#Electronic device #manufacturers and #IoT product designers face #cybersecurity expectations and an inherent feeling that as an industry we don’t know how to do security right just yet. https://bit.ly/363BGai

Classic #electronics textbook goes digital. Written by @UofT professors 40-years ago, e-book released in time for #pandemic. #education https://bit.ly/2Eswb9H

German Technology Day fair goes virtual. Automation and advanced manufacturing event moves to online format Oct 14th. @BoschRexrothCA @EPLAN_global @Pilz_INT @RittalCA @WAGOCorporation @Murr_automation https://germantechnologyday.com

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Tooling Designers
The Ohio Broach & Machine Co.

We perform the design and manufacturing of new tooling for broaching machines. We will take your specifications into consideration and determine the ide...

Pressure Gauges
Chevrier Instruments Inc.

Pressure gauges of many types are available from Chevrier Instruments Inc. We stock a range of instruments for measuring pressure including general use ...

Daemar Inc.

Daemar Inc. produces a series of threaded and non-threaded caps and plugs to match virtually any product for almost any application. Designed for a...

Precision Machine Parts
L & M Precision Products Inc

Our company produces a wide range of precision machine parts and we have a solid reputation for the high quality of our products. We have earned that re...

Frasers Product
Acetal Sheets
Johnston Industrial Plastics Limited

A plastics manufacturer since 1942, Johnston Industrial Plastics now carries the largest inventory of engineering plastics in Canada, including acetal s...

Brand Felt of Canada Ltd.

Brand Felt of Canada Ltd. supplies cork, cork products, and customized services to a wide range of industries. Known as a 100 percent natural resource, ...