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Time Clocks
Kronos Canadian Systems Inc.
Kronos Canadian Systems Inc. provides time clocks that are suited to today’s modern workforce. For instance, the Kronos InTouch is a time clock that ...

					Ramp and Soak Controllers
Ramp and Soak Controllers
Chevrier Instruments Inc.
We carry several designs of ramp and soak controllers at Chevrier Instruments. These come from manufacturers like Syscon and Rex. Ramp and soak controllers...

Pressure Measurement & Control Testing Equipment
Durham Instruments
Durham Instruments sells pressure measurement and control testing equipment that can help you accurately determine a range of pressure-based environmental ...

Certification Testing Services
CSA Group
Certification Testing Services from CSA Group can help your products reach a broader consumer base. Customers and vendors alike look for quality when they ...

Inflatable Seals
Pawling Engineered Products Inc.
We offer the latest cutting-edge technology in inflatable varieties of seals. Our Pneuma-Seal custom inflatable seals lead in the market and are relied upo...

Multi-Zone Temperature Controllers
Mod-Tronic Instruments Ltd.
Mod-Tronic Instruments Ltd. can provide a range of multi-zone temperature controllers that offer cutting-edge features at economical prices.  They inc...