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					ball valves
Ball Valves
John Brooks Company Limited
John Brooks Company is a leading supplier of valves for workplace applications, and a major part of our lineup consists of industrial ball valves. We offer...

Cabinet Hardware
Sugatsune Canada Inc
HG-JV65-U-LGR: Concealed Soft-Close Hinge The HG-JV65-U-LGR hinges from Sugatsune Canada Inc. are hidden from view when the door is closed for safe operati...

Wecon Systems Ltd.
Established in 1997, Wecon Systems Ltd. combines nearly twenty years of experience with fresh ideas that innovate the material handling industry. Using adv...

Material Handling Equipment
Wecon Systems Ltd.
At Wecon Systems Ltd., we combine decades of experience with innovative ideas to manufacture a full range of material handling equipment. Using advanced de...