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October 3, 2019 by EP&T Magazine

CMC to facilitate silicon photonics wafer runs for European clients

Kingston group will promote through Circuit Multi Projects (CMP France) with Advanced Micro Foundry (AMF) of Singapore
September 30, 2019 by Stephen Law

Photometric detector measures low light level illuminance

GIGAHERTZ-OPTIK VL-3707 Micro-Lux Photopic Detector is capable of accurate illuminance measurements down to less than 100μlux. Device is suitable for extreme low light level applications. The ability to measure moonlight and starlight (mlux to μlux) enables research on night sky light…
September 25, 2019 by Stephen Law

Constant power mode LED driver operates from 100-305Vac

ELECTRO SONIC Mean Well XLG-100 series 100W ac-dc LED driver delivers constant power mode, operating from 100 thru 305Vac and provides models with different rated currents – ranging between 700mA and 8000mA. Device’s high efficiency up to 92% also features…
September 21, 2019 by Bruce Schreiner, The Associated Press, Frankfort KY

Apple awards $250 million to supplier of glass for iPhones

Partnership with Corning revolutionized glass and transformed the technology industry with the first iPhone
September 20, 2019 by The Canadian Press, Ottawa

Supreme Court ‘green lights’ price fixing cases against optical drive makers

The Supreme Court of Canada has given the green light to a pair of British Columbia class-action suits alleging a global price-fixing conspiracy by electronics firms.  The suits, filed by Whistler, B.C., businessman Neil Godfrey, allege the companies overcharged buyers…
September 10, 2019 by EP&T Magazine

Apple introduces dual camera iPhone 11

Features the fastest, most powerful chip ever in a smartphone, plus an all-new dual-camera system and even longer all-day battery life
September 1, 2019 by Stephen Law

Visible red LED emitters deliver high accuracy, reliability sensing

MARKTECH OPTOELECTRONICS Model MTE6063M-UHR family of visible red LED emitters provide high-accuracy, high-reliability sensing within a variety of applications. Devices deliver high output power, typically 27.5mW, along with a wide radiation pattern and a peak emission wavelength of 630nm. Each…
August 30, 2019 by Stephen Law

Digital, single-stage quasi-resonant flyback controller serves LED drivers

INFINEON TECHNOLOGIES XDPL8210 LED driver IC joins firm’s XDP portfolio. The is a constant current flyback IC with a high power factor and primary-side regulation provides improved functional performance for efficient designs, as well as low bill-of-material (BOM) for small…
August 27, 2019 by Sonja Taylor Brown Sr. Product Manager for Piezo Products, TDK Electronics Inc.

Designing devices to create cold atmospheric pressure plasma

It is needed in several markets – including healthcare and industrial
August 14, 2019 by Stephen Law

InGaAs PIN photodiodes serve IR instrumentation, monitoring

MARKTECH OPTOELECTRONICS Models MTPD1346D-200 and MTPD1346D-300 large active area InGaAs PIN photodiodes are specifically suited for expanded infrared instrumentation and monitoring capabilities. Devices are available in higher-gain active area sizes of 2.0mm and 3.0mm, and feature a 1.7um cutoff. Devices…
July 29, 2019 by Stephen Law

High-power fiber bundles power levels up to 1 GW/cm²

LASER COMPONENTS Fiber bundles for high-power, lamp-transmission and high-temperature applications use fiber-fusing technology for assembly, which allows fibers to be configured into a fiber bundle without the use of adhesives. This prevents the typical dead zones and the adhesive gap…
July 23, 2019 by Sam Million-Weaver, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Simple ‘smart’ glass reveals the future of artificial vision

Smart glass that can recognize images without requiring any sensors or circuits or power sources