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Quad electron detector sensor boosts performance

Stephen Law   

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OPTO DIODE AXUVPS7 high-performance quad electron detector sensor has a total circular active area of 146mm² (active area per element is 36.5mm²). Device detects electron energy levels from 100eV to 50KeV and features a hole in the center of the quad array to enable users to easily measure reflected electrons. Other features include a response time of 200ns, shunt resistance (RsH) of 10MOhms (min.), and reverse breakdown voltage of 5V. The capacitance is 2nF (typ.). Storage and operating temperature ranges under ambient conditions are from -10°C to 40°C; in a nitrogen or vacuum environment, the temperatures range from -20°C to 80 °C. Product has a lead soldering temperature of 260° C.

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