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Multistage thermoelectric cooler, optical TEAs serve miniature optical packages

Stephen Law   

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aLAIRD THERMAL SYSTEMS OptoTEC MSX Series micro multistage thermoelectric coolers have the capability to integrate into various optical packages, including widely used TO-39, TO-46, or TO-8, creating advanced Optical Thermoelectric Assemblies (TEAs). Products utilize advanced ceramic materials, proprietary solder bonding techniques and next-generation thermoelectric materials to boost cooling capacity by as much as 10% – all in a micro footprint. Optical TEAs serve high-performance image sensing applications commonly used in analytical, industrial and aerospace applications. Devices offer micro footprints on the cold side down to 2.0 x 4.0mm with thicknesses down to 3.3mm for 2-stage, 3.8mm for 3-stage and 4.9mm for 4-stage coolers.

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