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Modular light pipe system maximizes customization, minimizes complexity

Stephen Law   

Optoelectronics Bivar light MLPS modular optoelectronics pipe system

BIVAR Modular Light Pipe System (MLPS) comes with two modular options suitable for network servers, matrix switchers,and audio mixers. Users can optimize the MLPS configuration to suit their application from a single station to an 8×12 and everything in between, helping push their product to market faster. The patent-pending system has a precision bezel alignment for easy configuration and installation. The Rail and Tower design have an adjustable rail along with firm’s ZeroLightBleed adapter technology, resulting in one of the most efficient light pipe systems in the market. Products are organized into an efficient configuration ranging from 0.2 inches to 3 inches.  The modular product provides freedom to customize the configuration for your intended application. Each 4mm diameter lens is offered either domed or flat and offered in heights from 0.350 inches to 2 inches, minimizing space and maximizing light output. The system’s nylon and polycarbonate materials are robust for a variety of applications, including harsh outdoor environments. The optional bezel fits directly on top of the light pipes, ensuring precise alignment for appropriate application.

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