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Solid-state haptic buttons enrich smartphone’s tactile experience

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BOREAS CapDrive BOS0614 solid-state haptic buttons reinvent the user interface on the sides of a smartphone by replacing the old mechanical button interface with high-definition, localized haptic buttons that can mimic the exact feel of a mechanical button while also enabling more immersive, realistic and satisfying touch experiences. Product is available in two types of solid-state buttons: standard buttons that provide richer, more realistic button-click sensations, and sliders, which sense movement through swiping. Smartphone designers can use the new buttons to replicate the feel of existing mechanical buttons for simple tasks such as turning the power on/off while offering uniquely new experiences that still feel familiar to smartphone users.

When taking photos, for example, the user gets the same partial button-depress sensation as with a DSLR camera when focusing the lens and the same full button-depress feeling when ‘snapping’ the shot. Going online by phone is easier because the user can browse with one hand by using a haptic slider-button that feels like a trackwheel mouse, which even mimics the familiar tick-tick sensation on the fingertip as the pages scroll by.

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