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Face & plug seal kits deliver IP54 rating

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Electronics C14 cable Face-Seal inlet Interpower kit Plug-Seal wire

INTERPOWER C14 inlet Face Seal Kit and the Plug Seal Kit have received an Ingress Protection rating of ‘54’ (IP54) in UL’s test report. The IP54 rating (solid particle ingress level 5, liquid ingress level 4) prevents corrosive dust and solid particles from reaching the terminals while preventing liquids from short circuiting the terminals. Kits are available in four separate part numbers. The Face Seal Kit comes in two options: C14 Screw-mount Quick Disconnect Kit, part #83050000; and the Solder Tab Kit, part #83050010. This kit includes a made-to-fit, moisture-resistant polyurethane insert which seals between the base of the C14 inlet and the face of the C13 connector, which is held in place after tightening down the connector lock.

The Plug Seal Kit, part #83050020 for the Quick Disconnect Kit, and part #83050030 for the Solder Tabs Kit, has a front seal made of specialized PVC with a lower durometer rating (for flexibility) that inserts through the front of the inlet to protect the terminals. While all Kits contain instructions and panel seals, the hardware (#4-40 screws and nuts) are not included. Products keep terminals dry around splashing water or other liquids and prevents corrosive dust from building up around connectivity points.

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