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GaN IC platform boosts speed, efficiency power in 40% smaller size

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Semiconductors GaN IC Navitas platform semicondutor

NAVITAS SEMICONDUCTOR CRPS185 Titanium Plus GaN IC platform delivers a full 3,200W of power in only 1U (40 mm) x 73.5mm x 185 mm (544 cc), achieving 5.9 W/cc, or almost 100 W/in3 power density. This is a 40% size reduction vs, the equivalent legacy silicon approach and easily exceeds the Titanium efficiency standard, reaching more than 96.5% at 30% load, and over 96% stretching from 20% to 60% load, creating a new benchmark, critical for data center operating models. Platform uses the latest circuit designs including an interleaved CCM totem-pole PFC with full-bridge LLC. The critical components are firm’s 650V GaNFast power ICs, with robust, high-speed integrated GaN drive to address the sensitivity and fragility issues associated with discrete GaN chips. GaNFast power ICs provide low switching losses, with a transient-voltage capability up to 800V, and other high-speed advantages such as low gate charge (Qg), output capacitance (COSS) and no reverse-recovery loss (Qrr).

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