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Active optical modules are ultra-small

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I-PEX LIGHTPASS series multi-mode active optical connector modules include a silicon photonics IC, ‘IOCore’, which was developed by AIO Core Co. Ltd. and operates reliably in high temperature environments. The ultra-small products enable bi-directional optical communication for the purpose of photoelectric conversion of internal high-speed signals in large data centre and telecommunication equipment. LIGHTPASS-EOB II 128G is designed for data transmission in applications such as network interface cards, base stations, and airplane cabin wiring. The stick-shaped body on the new LIGHTPASS-EOS 100G enables mounting on narrow medical devices such as robot arms and endoscopes, where mounting points are limited, as well as on industrial devices where multiple units need to be mounted. In addition, as with the LIGHTPASS-EOB II 128G, only a single 3.3V power supply is needed. Autoclave compatibility is planned as an added feature for this product.

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