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MicroEJ and NXP collaborate on a dedicated low-power on-device platform

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Enables ultra-low power optimization on the i.MX RT500 Crossover MCUs for wearables

MicroEJ, provider of software enablement solutions for IoT and embedded devices announced its collaboration with NXP Semiconductors, a leader in secure connectivity solutions for edge computing, to offer a dedicated MICROEJ VEE on-device platform based on NXP’s i.MX RT500 MCU focusing on ultra-low-power, security and market leading user interfaces.

NXP’s i.MX RT500 crossover MCU, coupled with MICROEJ VEE platform, offers an industry-unique integrated solution for holistic low-power management and small footprint while providing uncompromised performance and best-in-class user experiences.

MICROEJ VEE’s platform based on the i.MX RT500 device allows the design of great user interfaces to differentiate itself from the competition, leveraging both software and hardware graphical engines for low-power animations. With a smooth and fast rendering (60 FPS on average) and unbeatable low-power consumption (up to 40 days autonomy on a standard battery), the MicroEJ and NXP combined solution is designed to address the evolving and demanding needs of the wearables industry.


This new platform specifically addresses three power optimization levels:

* Reduced active power: MICROEJ VEE provides six different power modes that automatically adjust power consumption to save battery life (FULL, HIGH, LOW, SLEEP, SUSPEND and OFF).  Automatic voltage adjustments and optimal RAM allocations are included in the tuned solution.

* Reduced processing time: MICROEJ VEE reduces overall complexity by scheduling multitasking and synchronizing of timers. All the generic library stacks (UI, IoT, etc.) are (re)designed to leverage the various parallel hardware execution units (Multi-cores, GPU, DMAs, PowerQuad hardware accelerator, etc.) for the NXP i.MX RT500 solution.

* Reduced standby power: MICROEJ VEE leverages the various built-in low-power modes of NXP’s i.MX RT500 MCU, automatically reducing voltage while in the SUSPEND power state.


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