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Coax/optical hybrid modules enable high-speed video processing

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Electronics Interconnect Coax/optical connectivity hybrid Interconnect Modules

TE CONNECTIVITY NanoRF 75 Ohm coax/optical hybrid modules is engineered to help meet the high-speed, high-density requirements of next-generation video capture and processing in aerospace, defense and marine applications. Module features a 75-ohm matched impedance in both contact construction and interface, minimizing signal loss during cable transitions. This technology facilitates high-quality signaling and supports the high-speed protocols essential for rapid video processing. Additionally, the connectors feature spring-mounted backplane contacts, providing float to help ensure accurate contact alignment and reliable, low-loss signal transmission, even under extreme conditions. Module delivers a first-of-its-kind blend of high-speed coaxial and fiber-optic connections for video signals up to 18 GHz, all within a small form factor compatible with existing VPX architectures. Its compliance with standards including VITA 65.0, 65.1, 67.3 and the SOSA (Sensor Open Systems Architecture) Technical Standard simplifies implementation and facilitates system upgrades.

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