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Gennum demonstrates video broadcast portfolio at NAB 2010


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Gennum Corp. of Burlington, ON, demonstrated its signal integrity solutions for the video broadcast market at the recent 2010 National Association for Broadcasters Conference (NAB), at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

“We are excited to once again attend NAB and showcase Gennum’s leading-edge solutions. Gennum continues to enable signal integrity and integrated SMPTE specific digital functionality in a broad spectrum of Tier 1 video broadcast equipment,” said Dr. Franz Fink, president and CEO, Gennum (below).

“We are excited to introduce and demonstrate new products with integrated intelligence and new green functionality to enable our customers’ next generation designs.”

Gennum demonstrated live working silicon that included:

• 101 Multi-Pass – Routed real 1080p video through 101 individual boards to demonstrate how Gennum solves signal integrity issues in large system design. This benefit allows customers to build larger studios and design larger networks without compromising video signals.


• 3Gb/s System Optimization – Used Gennum’s quad reclocker board to demonstrate the impact of input trace equalization and output de-emphasis on systems with long trace lengths. These features optimize system level signal integrity and power consumption allowing OEMs to optimize power and performance based on the size of the system.

• 3Gb/s Green Adaptive Cable Equalizer – Showed Gennum’s newest equalizer across different input cable lengths of up to 140m without compromising signal integrity; this is Gennum’s best-in-class equalization technology with additional new features such as auto-power down and greater output control.

• 3Gb/s Video Optical Module Robustness – Showcased Gennum’s performance advantage over a variety of conditions simulating real-world scenarios and demonstrating the robust nature of Gennum’s Video Optical Modules against a competitive market solution.

• Dual-Link to 3G SDI Conversion –  Using Gennum’s complete 3G SDI receive and transmit solutions, the ease of conversion from legacy equipment using dual link to 3Gb/s on a single link will be demonstrated.

• 2K, 3G, HD, and SD Receive – Using the highly integrated GS2971A receiver, the demonstration showed how Gennum’s solutions support numerous video formats and standards, including 2K, to help speed time to market and reduce overall development cost for system manufacturers.

• Interactive 3D TV Demonstration using Sensio Technology – Gennum demonstrated that using its 3G SDI products, either as a single or dual link; offers designers a solution to support 3D TV bandwidth requirements now and into the future within broadcast infrastructure.

“NAB is a flagship event for the global video broadcast market. Gennum’s signal integrity solutions enable every aspect of the video broadcast chain. Tier 1 video broadcast suppliers continue to rely on Gennum to deliver the right products at the right time to ensure the highest quality, reliability and integrity of the video signal. As a result, Gennum’s robust portfolio continues to expand, and we are excited to demonstrate these products at NAB,” said Martin Rofheart, senior vice president and general manager, Analog and Mixed Signal Products, Gennum.


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