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Chip fuse boosts breaking capacity rating

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Circuit Protection Electronics chip circuit protection fuse Schurter slow-blow

SCHURTER UST 1206 series slow-blow chip fuse delivers improved rated current values up to 25A, adding another breaking capacity rating to its specification. The range of ratings help guide in fuse selection with prevailing short circuit conditions. Product series provides high melting I²t values, which exhibit improved inrush withstand performance. Breaking capacity ratings span over the current range of 7 to 25A at 63Vdc/32Vac and include: 100A at 63Vdc to a new rating of 750A at 32Vdc and 150A @ 24Vac. Additional internal dc ratings are 400A at 12Vdc and 600A @ 9Vdc. Rated operating temperature is – 55°C to +90°C. Suitable for applications where high inrush current and/or on and off cycling are present. Device can also be used for secondary overcurrent protection in power inverters, LCD back lighted DC-AC inverters for monitors, and like applications with high power consumption at low voltage levels, e.g., 5 or 12Vdc. Fuse is built to UL 248-14 and cURus approved. Legend markings on each fuse provide a clear visual identification of rated current. Supplied on tape and reel up to 15K pieces.

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