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Schurter Fuse Qualified For Use In Space


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Schurter is Switzerland’s first manufacturer to be awarded the official ESA/ESCC (European Space Agency) qualification for its MGA-S SMD fuse. It complies with ESA/ESCC generic specification No. 4008 for use in space. Schurter is reportedly the only European supplier of fuses holding this qualification. The MGA-S type fuse meets the high standards of the aerospace industry which requires hermetically encapsulated and rugged designs. MGA-S is manufactured using thin film technology. Rated for nominal currents from 140 mA to 3,5 A, it also features consistent minimal and maximal melting times under excess current conditions, irrespective of the operation mode, e.g. in a vacuum environment. Its small dimensions of 3.2 x 1.55 mm make it unique among fuses in this market segment. MGA-S is especially suited to the protection of ‘payloads’ often connected to DC power supplies such as those used in satellites, ensuring that in the event of a malfunction, such a payload is securely disconnected and will not cause any other systems to fail.


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