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Speeding the pcb prototyping process by making your own

Alroy Almeida, CEO & co-founder of Voltera

November 18, 2021  Stephen Law

Frustrated with the complications and time constraints of prototyping a printed circuit board through traditional means, Voltera CEO & co-founder Alroy Almeida got the brainchild to build a printer that could do it on his desktop. Today, Voltera supplies major OEMs and CEMs, as well as leading educational institutions with its V-One pcb printer product.

Headquartered in the Kitchener/Waterloo region of Ontario, Voltera provides these cool tools to product developers, researchers and educators from all over the world. The pcb printers can take an idea in your head to a pcb board in your hands in minutes. In conversation with EP&T, Almeida shares how and why he came up with the concept of creating such a device and how it is used.

Guest: Alroy Almeida, CEO & co-founder of Voltera



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