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Securing embedded systems in electronic designs

Stephen Law   

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Rob Wood, vice-president - hardware & embedded security services practice, NCC Group

Embedded systems is fundamental to every electronic design, as well as the consumer end-user experience, yet they often get overlooked in most discussions around security.

In conversation with EP&T, Toronto-based Rob Wood of NCC Group explains why embedded systems do not get enough attention in cybersecurity coverage, at least not as much as applications. Wood leans on his career experience in embedded devices, having worked at both BlackBerry and Motorola Mobility in roles focused on embedded software development, product firmware / hardware security, and supply chain security.

Wood underscores the importance of ensuring that anyone producing connected devices has obtained the security framework and tools they need to make designs secure. Listeners will gain a better understanding of why attacks on embedded systems are increasing in frequency, and what you can do about it?

Guest: Rob Wood, vice-president for the hardware and embedded security services practice at NCC Group, a global cyber and software security consultancy that serves multiple sectors, geographies and technologies.

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