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Copolyester Sheets
Johnston Industrial Plastics Limited
An industry leader since 1942, Johnston Industrial Plastics distributes a variety of plastics shapes including copolyester sheets. We work with a wide rang...

					control systems
Valve Control Systems
ODE Valve Canada
Our product portfolio at ODE Valve Canada consists of more than valves, pumps, and gear motors. We also carry wireless electronic solutions for liquid cont...

Medical Tubing
Hi-Tech Duravent
We supply a wide range of medical tubing through our sister company, Hi-Tech Medical. Our tubing features excellent resistance to chemicals and temperature...

Pressure, Digital Transmitters
Mod-Tronic Instruments Ltd.
Mod-Tronic Instruments can supply a broad variety of pressure transmitters. Our selection includes many types of digital pressure gauges that incorporate t...

Connectors Fibre Optics
Harting Canada Inc
Harting Canada Inc. offers our customers a wide range of fibre optic connectors of high quality and durability. Our fibre optic connectors are applica...

Heavy Duty Cable Carriers
Tsubaki Of Canada Ltd.
Steel cable carriers are available from Tsubaki of Canada Ltd. These carriers feature robust construction that is well suited to extreme applications. Our ...