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OTI Lumionics unveils display material for next gen mobile devices

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Toronto-based display developer announces ConducTorr CPM for enabling under display camera and face unlock

OTI Lumionics, Toronto-based leader in the development of advanced materials for OLED displays, recently announced its latest version of ConducTorr Cathode Patterning Material (CPM, which is ready for mass production and will start shipping to display customers in Q4 2020 for use in next generation mobile devices with under display camera and face unlock. 

With the increasing consumer demand for mobile devices with larger screens and smaller bezels, device manufacturers are looking for innovative solutions to make the display partially transparent so they can move the front facing camera and 3D facial recognition sensors (i.e., face unlock) under the display to eliminate having to make a notch or cut-out in the display.

Absorbs a lot of light

“The challenge in making under display camera and face unlock work is that the cathode layer, a thin layer of metal that covers the entire surface of the display, absorbs a lot of light, particularly in the wavelength range required for the face unlock sensors to function,” said Michael Helander, co-founder and CEO of OTI Lumionics. “Our ConducTorr CPM materials are the only mass production-ready solution to pattern microscopic holes in the cathode to let enough light through for the under display camera and face unlock to function well.”

OTI has been developing its ConducTorr CPM solution for cathode patterning in conjunction with the industry’s leading mobile device and display manufacturers and is now bringing its latest version to market. OTI recently received a strategic investment from LG Technology Ventures, the venture capital arm of LG Corporation, which will be used to help accelerate the commercial adoption of OTI’s materials in mass production.


Enabling mobile device advances

In additional to using ConducTorr CPM to enable under display cameras and face unlock, OTI’s customers are also using the technology to help enable other mobile device advances:

  • Transparent displays for augmented reality (AR)
  • Larger displays for laptops, tablets and foldable devices
  • Higher brightness displays with longer battery life

The first mobile devices using OTI’s CPM materials are expected to ship in 2021.

“Under display cameras and other applications of transparent display technology have all seen tremendous interest from mobile device manufacturers in the past few years,” added Helander. “Our goal is to work closely with our customers to bring the next generation of exciting mobile devices using these technologies to market faster.”



OTI Lumionics gets strategic investment from LG Technology Ventures

OTI Lumionics also recently received a strategic investment from LG Technology Ventures – the venture capital investment arm of LG Group. This investment will be used to help accelerate the adoption of OTI’s materials in mass production, including its ConducTorr CPM solution for under display cameras.

“We are thrilled to have LG Technology Ventures as a valuable partner for the development of our materials as we gear up for mass production,” says Michael Helander, co-founder and CEO of OTI Lumionics. “It is great validation to have a leading brand like LG partner in our efforts to create the most advanced display solutions in the industry.”

OTI focuses on cathode patterning to enable new display applications for OLEDs, including transparent displays, under display cameras and sensors, foldable displays, and automotive displays.

“LG Technology Ventures has been closely monitoring the progress of OTI and is excited to now become an investor. We look forward to working with OTI to help commercialize its technology in multiple display applications,” adds Michael Falcon, investment director for LG Technology Ventures.



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