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Thermal solutions meet high-performance demands

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KERAFOL & X2F State-of-the-art thermal management solutions for electronic devices leverage the advantages of Kerafol’s thermally conductive materials and X2F’s patented controlled-viscosity molding technologies. The partnership aims to provide advanced thermal management solutions that meet the ever-increasing high-performance demands of the electronics industry. Combination delivers a higher-performance alternative to conformal coating, potting, and sealing of electronics, achieving superior environmental protection and heat dissipation while reducing processing times and manufacturing costs. This collaboration ensures long-term reliability by safeguarding against contamination, vibration, shock, ESD, and thermal stresses, all in a streamlined, one-step process. This comprehensive single-step environmental protection solution reduces complexity throughout the supply chain. It simplifies manufacturing, warehousing logistics, and production processes while enhancing long-term reliability.

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