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Hardware timekeeping platform delivers high-speed network interfaces up to 25Gbps

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MICROCHIP TECHNOLOGY TimeProvider 4500 grandmaster hardware timekeeping platform provides high-speed network interfaces up to 25Gbps and enables precise time accuracy of less than one nanosecond. Platform is capable of supporting very-high-capacity Precision Time Protocol (PTP) transactions. The innovative hardware platform enables higher IEEE-1588 scalability for thousands of clients. In network locations where range and capacity need to be balanced, namely in C-band 5G deployments, it is critical to be able to serve thousands of gNodeB from a single grandmaster. Depending on the specific sites, the grandmaster could serve very few or a large number of gNodeB base stations. This results in cost-effective and flexible deployments for operators regardless of scale.

Platform offers the flexibility to connect to various generations of network elements, which helps to preserve operators’ infrastructure investments. The TimeProvider 4500 clock is the first 1588 grandmaster with 25 Gbps support. A customer can connect the TimeProvider 4500 clock to various network devices using a choice of 1 Gbps, 10 Gbps or 25 Gbps network links. High-speed bandwidth is essential as network element upgrades are migrating towards equipment that requires a minimum of 10 Gbps and, in some cases, up to 100 Gbps.

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