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Thermal science cameras enhance recording, triggering, synchronization

Stephen Law   

Test & Measurement cameras science test thermal thermal imaging camera

TELEDYNE FLIR X858x and X698x series science cameras provide high-speed and high-resolution thermal imaging capabilities for scientific research and engineering. Cameras deliver advanced recording, triggering, and synchronization capabilities. This includes the ability to remotely adjust the focus, improving the quality of thermal data acquisition while saving time and eliminating frustration when operating within dynamic environments. Users can then seamlessly transfer the data from the onboard solid-state drive (SSD) to a computer for processing and analysis. This simplified experience enables users to immediately access a local copy of the data, providing in-the-moment data review and analysis. Cameras support long-duration recordings, only limited by the size of the on-board, off-the-shelf SSD. This feature eliminates the need for high-speed data recording systems for some users, potentially saving significant time and costs on additional hardware and integration. Each camera includes a dedicated trigger input on the rear panel and a new Tri-level Sync input, providing easy access to all methods of recording and synchronization across multiple camera units and types.

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