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3D printable dielectrics material lowers loss

Stephen Law   

Electronics Production / Materials

ROGERS CORP. Radix 3D Printable Dielectrics family of products features materials with a dielectric constant of 2.8 and low loss characteristics at microwave frequencies. Materials give radio frequency (RF) designers unprecedented design freedom in creating new components, eliminating the need to consider typical manufacturing design constraints. The proprietary composite materials are designed for Digital Light Processing (DLP) 3D printing, enabling a scalable, high-resolution printing process for end-use RF dielectric component manufacturing. Product has a targeted dielectric constant of 2.8 and a dissipation factor of 0.0043 at 10 GHz when cured. Materials are intended for use as RF materials in applications where new geometric freedom can enhance the figure of merits of an RF system, such as gradient dielectric constant (GRIN) structures and other complex three-dimensional parts.

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